good things

  • i can hear trains from my bedroom
  • today i devoured: roti, chocolate-chip cookies, calabaza/sweet potato/coconut milk soup, olive bread & boursin, plum cake
  • my copy of summer sisters came in the mail from my mom and summer sisters is comfort food reading. i love it because i read it when i was maybe twelve or thirteen and fuck, it really, really captured girls being friends really, really well, especially me and my best friend since kindergarten
  • spring is coming (even though it’d be badass to be a stark, i am a sunshine girl)
  • unholy army stuff this weekend - andrea zanin workshop and book club forĀ partners in power. love me some leatherdykes.
  • i talked to four good friends today and they were lovely. <3 <3 for lindsay, andy, fury, and sub-rosa.
  • i spent two hours dancing hard in a club last night (after my recent ex surprise showed up and then left, and after i had a terrifying panic attack in which i couldn’t stop shaking and hyperventilating. which means mostly i rule at coping)
  • guys i can hear trains from my bedroom. i fucking love trains. and these days trains remind me of point 14 in the poem “fifteen ways to stay alive" so that pleases me