dear internet, thank you for the sex I had last night

Thanks to you, I started processing my predilections like ten years ago, instead of like three years ago when I started actually having good, regular sex. So when I fuck the way Red and I fucked last night, all that happens afterwards is a glorious afterglow of finally, finally getting what I want - no worrying about being a bad feminist or a bad queer, or whatever. Just smiles and snuggles and smugness.

So thanks for Harry Potter fan fiction, especially the kinky stuff, especially things like “Fire Call,” which was really a big eye opener for me at age 16 or whatever. Thanks for porn, so I could figure out exactly what went into which holes and where they were (the first thing I put in my pussy was my NuvaRing - how I thought I was going to manage to figure out how to get a dick in there, I’m not sure). Thanks for Livejournal, especially snegurochka_lee and inell and their sometimes improbable descriptions of chicks wet down to their knees. Thanks for the LJ treasure trove of people writing sex and writing about sex. Thanks, even, for that awful Gorean fan fiction I stumbled upon when I was 12 or 13 and realized that I was super into it, but not sure if I should be super into it. Even if now Gor makes me want to punch shit, it was still a stepping stone to figuring out what I like.

Three cheers for internet sexual exploration and youth having access to it. Censoring is bull.