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getting sick, workin’ on fixin’ it with andy-created soup. jerusalem artichokes, potatoes, corn, quinoa, leeks, garlic, coconut oil, nutritional yeast, parsley. FIX MEEEE.

getting sick, workin’ on fixin’ it with andy-created soup. jerusalem artichokes, potatoes, corn, quinoa, leeks, garlic, coconut oil, nutritional yeast, parsley. FIX MEEEE.


it had been awhiiiiile since nic and i just got blazed and laughed forever while having Discussions about Things and it was so nice, and then we woke up in my line-dried clean sheets that smell so good and agreed that russell brand sucks and it’s sunny outside and i’m going to make eggs and kamut sourdough toast yummmm

and now felix is asking what my favorite flowers are “for future reference” and otherwise being adorable

and i’m the most spoiled ever.


andrea (that’s andy’s full feminine blog alias, guys!) is making fiddleheads and crab cakes.

the vaporizer has been turned on.

ni no kuni music is playing in the background, which is cute.

sunday brodown.

she luvs me

she luvs me


good things: shh it’s totally summer edition

  • today was the first barbecue of the season
  • with some of my favorite queers, one of whom i hadn’t hung out with since 2009 when i was macking the first queer i boned, and many i almost never see, and andy and aurora
  • made spicy brownies and ate bilboquet outdoors in a short skirt (dedicated to mini-box, whose definition of summer is “warm enough to eat ice cream outdoors in shorts at night and not be cold”)
  • watched game of thrones for the first time since i watched the pilot years ago and am hooked (oh dear) (but like……..this season will have the red wedding and i cannot wait to watch people who haven’t read the books freak the fuck out in real time) (also queen of thorns) (also sansa) (!!!!!)
  • finally communicated effectively and broke things off with this play partner of mine, so relieved
  • ran into someone i know through the leatherdyke crowds on my way home from the barbecue, and we chatted for a bit until their bus came
  • pretty sure i’m going to check out the 18-35 play party this weekend even though it’s not a leatherdyke event, eeep
  • it’s kind of nice being into topping now because it means i can swoon either way? i want a li’l cub and a daddy, which opens up so much more queer masculinity for the flirting/fucking/beating. 
  • i also had a totally lovely date with that straight couple who had one of the only not-awful replies to my cuckolding ad and am probably going to see them again when she gets in touch. he says he’ll do anything i saaaay ;)
  • so into big, chill femme topping, the kind that’s like “baby, i got you,” firm touch and responsiveness, hands full of desire. the kind that can slide into hard and mean if that feels right for the bottom who’s under my palms, but that above all is about solid control and mindreading*
  • especially when i’m taking the place of the “young hung stud” of straight cuckold porn

gdoc job app edits with andy

  • me: you have the job description? or should i send again?
  • Andy: i haz it
  • soundtrack
  • www.gorillavsbear.net/2013/04/27/nicolas-jaar-live-at-boiler-room-nyc/
omg is this appropriate to give as a best bros valentine to andy? 

omg is this appropriate to give as a best bros valentine to andy? 

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someone next door just screamed I HAVE TO FUCKING POOP GOD DAMN IT MY ASS IS ON FIRE

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Johns Hopkins Psychological research study based on evaluating the health of a relationship upon the number of weirdass, goofy sounds that two people make at eachother while very sleepy or silly

omg omg omg

more measures of family

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first dates #2: andy

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  • me: mornin'
  • Andy: hi pumpkin
  • I am like 2/3 through Ash and SQUEAL CAN THEY MAKE OUT ALREADY

good things: back from brocation edition

i know, what good things are there about being back from brocation?

  • oh my god, brocation was perfect. it could be a million-page novel-length good things post itself, but here are highlights: besties including my best butch ex all in one place for an entire week just hanging out (this cannot be overstated); feeling like my besties were seeing me in my natural habitat (submerged in an ocean); meeting a lot of andy’s family, especially her cousin/buddy who will be, like, her kids’ godmother, and kind of clicking with her mom (chosen family/extended family bonding); animals of so many sorts including monkeys and sloths and an OCELOT and my patronus is an ocelot SO; doing E with andy and karl on our beach and going in the caribbean (only up to my knees because drugs + reef) and watching all the green things and hearing all the birds; dancing all over our house to MC solaar as i was coming up; remembering my hoodie and trading sunglasses with andy’s cousin’s boyfriend like true bros because doing E clearly turns me into a sketchball clubber; talks with andy about how important we are to each other and how we will be chosen family forever; all the food andy cooked while we were there (rice & beans, black bean soup, frittata, deep-fried yucca, curry with vegetables i hadn’t encountered until costa rica in coconut milk, etc.); ocean ocean ocean every single day on some of the most beautiful beaches i’ve ever seen; andy’s parents’ sweet tiny yappy dog that i adore despite her being the epitome of abhorrent dog qualities; fruit fruit fruit; trying fish for the first time in my life (sea bass that melted in the mouth, and tilapia ceviche); new year’s eve playing king’s cup and drinking cacique (or was it gin that night?) and taking champagne, sparklers, and fireworks down to the beach and enjoying the neighbors’ bonfire and even better fireworks; driving andy’s mom’s beemer in san josé/alajuela; driving andy’s dad’s car all the way up winding mountain roads to a volcano and then all the way back down into a valley with a gorgeous lake; doing yoga in the mornings and having this one practice that was just perfect breathing and drishti and momentum and when i was done i could magically do a pull-up?
  • brocation is now an annual tradition; next new year’s eve we’ll be on the pacific side of costa rica and/or in granada (nicaragua, obvs). also we’re gonna do brocation, jr. in a cabin in vermont or new hampshire this winter/spring.
  • got back to mtl and watched pitch perfect while eating sushi, after smoking my first bowl from my new tiny pink pipe. and i am totally going to name her, because stoner femme dorkery forever.
  • the boy is cute and i get to see him soon. and he bought packers and leather handcuffs because he’s excited about really getting into kink and it’s so fucking adorable and hot and nnnnggggggg i want to fuck his ass so much it’s ridiculous. tomorrow night, i think.
  • a friend loaned me LOTR tarot cards because mine disappeared with my purse in puerto viejo, and i’m really excited/apprehensive about using them. (i REALLY miss my cosmic tarot, though. the pictures are so pretty and i’d gotten used to them.)
  • hung out with nic last night and it was so good. she fixed my fucked up internet somehow (<3 butches who just do your annoying shit for you) and she did my eyebrows and i dunno. we just get along so well when we aren’t mad codependent and i’m not mad insecure. good talks good laughs good cuddles good all around vibes.
  • i made so much food yesterday: slow-cooker black-eyed peas (missed new year’s day, but it’s still The New Year) and butternut squash-sweet potato-sweet pepper-coconut milk soup. 
  • time for my morning routine of tarot card + five minutes meditation and then yoga and then laundry and then work (ick).