This mash-up is basically the theme song for my love life Summer 2012. It’s dirty and really fun to dance to (thanks DJ Ben Haber for throwing this out at Buffet last night).

Khia vs. Carly Rae Jepsen - All You Ladies Call Me Maybe Like This (by hmc204)

wait i expected this to be awesome and then…it wasn’t? like, okay, ruin “my neck, my back” by speeding it waaaay up and making it frenetic instead of chill and sexy, and leave only the shitty, cheap-ass backing track to carly rae jepson’s vocals when her inflections are the main reason “call me maybe” is an earworm? WHY?

  • red: on okc and came across [mutual acquaintance]'s profile, which is absolutely awesome
  • me: show me sometime! it doesn't surprise me that her profile is awesome.
  • red: so my profile is your go-to stalking tool? ;) it made me laugh, which is enough for me.
  • me: so are you going to message her?
  • red: of course not, why?
  • me: what do you mean, WHY? because you just said you liked her profile! that would be a perfectly logical reason to message her!
  • red: as in, what makes you ask? [insert reasons she won't message her]
  • me: *facepalm*







People & People:

dis bitch

can we talk about all her awkward appropriation and her use of Japanese women as her ‘slave dolls’ who weren’t allowed to speak at all as part of their contract?

this bitch is like the queen of cultural appropriation

and this shit has always creeped me out, but i had no idea that she didnt let them speak…what the actual fuck?

peep the lyrics to “rich girl”:

I’d get me four Harajuku girls to
Inspire me and they’d come to my rescue
I’d dress them wicked, I’d give them names
Love, Angel, Music, Baby
Hurry up and come and save me

so shes into having pet asian women to name and dress up? if that isnt some dehumanizing psycho shit then im a fucking unicorn frog

tbh i hope her and dita von teese fall of a cliff


I think it says a hell of a lot that I’ve never once seen these women’s real names and I have never seen an interview or even so much as a soundbite from them. All I know of them is those little doll perfumes and Stefani’s creepy ass music.

Gwen Stefani has made an entire career out of fetishizing and appropriating the cutlure of women of color, which she gets credit for only because she is white. Bindis on brown girls?!? That’s really not that creative or cool. A bindi on a skinny blond white lady??? Someone throw some money at her. And notice how the women are made up in the above photo - it’s not just japanese women that she is appropriating and fetishizing, it’s black and latina women too.

once upon a time i was silly enough to buy a pair of wedges by her brand, and there was a little brown girl character on the insole. so you can literally step on woc as you walk. 

it wasn’t the only reason i returned the shoes but just lol wow

self-absorbed fuckin creep

this is so messed up

reasons my love of gwen stefani circa age 8 had to kinda die as i got older. ack.

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life fail

after fucking up my sleep cycle by getting up at the buttcrack of dawn for the bronze medal match thursday, i fell asleep last night before 8:00 pm. without eating dinner. and also didn’t even sleep all the way through because i wasn’t supposed to be asleep so i woke up every few hours.

now it’s 4:30 am and i’m awake and hungry but groggy and cranky and i don’t want to go cook an entire thing or brush my teeth again.

just gonna read that amy lepeilbet fan fiction i accidentally found. pretty sure it’s going to be terrible?





"For girlies, tonight if you feel like partying at Club Bains Douches again there’s a DRAMA QUEEN party! It’s a gay boys party with ONLY HOUSE music with DJ MISS HONEY DIJON. Hot girls welcome! Send me your names if you wish to be on the guestlist!"



things i wanna do tonight

  • go out and (get) pick(ed) up, preferably with the parenthetical bits
  • get laid in a full-body kinda way
  • dance for a thousand hours alone or maybe across from someone if we are on the same page and sharing steps (but not *with* people)

what i’m actually gonna do tonight

  • get blazed
  • listen to music
  • tumblr


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It happened, guys!

YESSS. Laci is so bubbly and she does have some great ideas but she really just represents an embellished, digital form of white, mainstream feminism. Stop being so problematic dammit

Told you, it’ll blow up.

she followed me for a hot second and then told me white people could experience racism. so, needless to say, that didn’t end in a mutual friendship lol. also - was it weird I had no idea who she was?

this is grade-a meme material

Wait…wait. The friendzone one. Is that actually legit? Like she’s said that or something like it? o.0

This one’s from 2010, but she definitely says some problematic things about the friendzone here: 

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buddy: can i just say, as a transsexual who works with people with disabilities, FUCK THIS PERSON AND THE HORSE THEY RODE IN ON. 

me: why yes. you can.

buddy: ugh sorry to be so oppressive with my not-having-my-head-up-my-ass privilege

  • person: I want someone to love me like Snape loved L-
  • me: nope
  • person: but I
  • me: no
  • person: but it's so rom-
  • me: stop it are you even hearing yourself right now

“I have never done this before.” I whimpered rabidly like a sad goat who is about to have sex.


“I have never done this before.” I whimpered rabidly like a sad goat who is about to have sex.

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what is wrong with me, even

woke up, tried to get ready for yoga, couldn’t find headband to put hair back to wash face, couldn’t find glasses case, couldn’t figure out which shoes would match the outfit i decided to put on for this photoshoot i have to go to later this afternoon (it wasn’t even an interesting outfit for fuck’s sake), promptly started freaking out because not being able to find this shit was making me late and i didn’t have time to get food together for the day.

had to [try to] pretend i was not freaking out because red was here and i am determined not to be insane in front of her because when i demonstrate my insanity people try to help and when people “help” it’s a fucking disaster and makes it worse. obviously i missed yoga because i couldn’t find my shit and became paralyzed with panic. and red wouldn’t just leave to go on her run, and when she did finally leave she asked if i was going to practice at home. uggghhhh fuck off it is not your fucking job to fix the fact that i fucking lost it because i couldn’t find a few items and missed my fucking yoga class.

also i’m pretty sure my eye is about to do that thing it did last summer where the lid swells up huge for no fucking reason.